Meet the Team


Ben Keith

Ben Keith owns the Star Sports Group and has been involved in the Betting Industry from his childhood.  Star operate Professional Gambling activities as well as Betting-Shops, Racecourse Pitches, Online, Telephone & Credit, and Sports Spread-Betting.  Ben networks daily across these businesses and has advice for both employers and employees on the best appointments for their progression.


Simon Banks

Simon Banks has been involved in the Betting Industry for over 30 years. Starting as a “boardman” while a student and eventually becoming a respected industry commentator for publications such as Betting Business and Gambling Compliance. His extensive range of contacts throughout the Betting Industry combined with his in depth knowledge of different jurisdictions means that he is well placed to offer advice to both operators and candidates.


Toby Rose

Toby Rose is an experienced recruiter and was previously involved in recruiting for Local Authorities within Public Health and Commissioning in London. Coming from a horse racing background, he has always had a very keen interest in the industry and now combines an in-depth knowledge of recruitment and the gambling/gaming industry, so has the ability to offer advice for both candidates and clients with their career progression/recruitment needs.

We aim to provide staffing solutions for the global gambling industry

and offer exciting opportunities to professionals looking to progress their careers.

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