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Star Recruitment is part of the Star Sports Group, one of the most respected brands in the gambling industry. From on course and retail operations, Star Sports has grown to include telephone credit and debit betting, online sports betting, spread betting, professional propriety gambling and bookmakers’ services, including white label and affiliate programs and hedging. Star Sports is now expanding its bookmaker services to include sourcing and supplying talent to the industry through Star Recruitment.

As the Star Sports Group has expanded and diversified, it has recognised the unique challenges facing those recruiting in the sector and wants to share the lessons it has learned. As an extension of Star Sports bookmaking services, Star Sports Recruitment tailors its services to the uniquely specific requirements of individual clients.

Star Recruitment is committed to upholding the core values of its parent company; honesty, integrity and personal service, while maintaining the highest professional standards.

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Ben Keith

Simon Banks

We aim to provide staffing solutions for the global gambling industry

and offer exciting opportunities to professionals looking to progress their careers.

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